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Dallas pellet boiler Edilkamin 15Kw

Caldaia Bering Edilkamin 12Kw

Dallas pellet boiler Edilkamin 15Kw

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Dallas pellet boiler Edilkamin 15Kw

Medium-power pellet boiler supplying heat to a heating system with radiators (high temperature) or radiant floor panels (low temperature).
Can be combined with solar panels and/or a gas boiler.

• Firebox in cast iron
Leonardo system
• Provision for Domoklima system
• Built-in kit with high-efficiency circulator, closed expansion tank and safety valve
• Mimic panel
• Double insulated door

• Domoklima kit and control units, GRAPHICA peripheral
• Possibility to produce domestic hot water using appropriate accessories
• Remote pellet loaders
• GSM, can be used to turn the equipment on and off remotely using a mobile phone.

Technical data min/max    
useful outputkW4,2/15    
useful output to the waterkW4,2/15    
fuel consumptionkg/h1/3,5    
tank capacitykg60    
water contentl35    
Ø combustion product outletcm8    
Ø external air intakecm4    
total weightkg300    
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system)390