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Kit B Thermo Fireplace with Gas Boiler with Sanitary Water...

Kit B Thermo Fireplace with Gas Boiler with Sanitary Water Edilkamin.

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B Kit for installation in open expansion tank, with the production of sanitary water, coupled with gas boiler for heating.
In this kit, the second pump is already included, are high-efficiency pumps.

With this kit the water circulating in the Thermo fireplace does not mix with the boiler, isolating it from the system.

This kit, unlike kit C, has two separate heat exchangers, useful in case of failure of one of the two (for example in the case of very hard water).
The kit C is without the diverter valve and thus potentially has a piece in the least that it can break.

The recommended schedule is shown in the diagram. The kit is supplied as shown on the picture and contains the parts inside the blue box of the diagram; includes remote electronic control unit.