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Thermo Fireplace Closed Expansion Tank with Sanitary...

Thermo Fireplace Closed Expansion Tank with Sanitary Connection Kit PS6.

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Radiator system connection kit for Thermo fireplace or Thermo stove with closed expansion tank and instantaneous domestic hot water production.

Suitable if the power of thermo fireplace plus the boiler output is less than 35 kw.

Attention: under 18 kw to water the hot water is modest. This kit should not be used with healthcare with thermo fireplaces with less than 12 kw to the water, where it will be preferred a special boiler plant (which you can find).

The wiring diagram is in the attached figure.
The control box is included.

If you need to switch the hot water from boiler thermo fireplace is a kit of thermostatic valves are very interesting and functional.