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Switching Healthcare Kit

Switching Healthcare Kit.

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Valves Kit specifically designed to remove the diverter valve between sanitary hot water heated by the thermo-product and traditional boiler.

Connect as shown in the diagram attached.

The kit also allows for temperature stabilization of output to a programmed level (between 35 and 60 degrees with driver set code knob).

In the first case, the incoming water less than 42 degrees is sent inside the boiler to heat it further, it comes out then the prefixed temperature.

In the second case, a part of the incoming water between 42 and 48 degrees, is sent in to take her world's temperature. The hot water then exits the kit a set temperature.

In the third case, water with temperatures above 48 degrees (Thermo-product or solar cooling), does not enter the boiler but it comes out from the kit to set temperature.

If the water produced by Thermo-product or boiler is too high, the final part of the kit will mix it with the cold to let her out at the reference temperature preset.

The services of the kit does not require electricity and are always working.
The result is much more reliable than the diverter valve as there are no electrical parts because they are very reliable thermostat valves.
The cost of the kit is similar to the diverter valve but additionally offers an output stabilized temperature.