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Cartridge Heaters with Adjustable Thread from 120mm to 140mm...

Cartridge heater for Pyros Pellet Stove L150mm, D12,5mm

Cartridge Heaters with Adjustable Thread from 120mm to 140mm 270W D9.9mm.

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Cartridge heater or ignition resistance for pellet stoves.

It has a length from 120 to 140 mm with adjustable thread (3/8).

Diameter 9.9 mm.

Power of 270 Watt, 230 Volts.

Long cable 300 mm without faston.

Compatible Adler.



We recommend installing this type of cartridge heater by adjusting the same length as the original.
In any case, the tip of the cartridge heater should not come in the grate and above all must not obstruct the passage of hot air of glow plug that goes into the Brazier. It should be remembered that the ignition of pellets happens thanks to hot air heated by the cartridge heater.
The beginning and the end of the cartridge heater are not particularly warm to ensure a long life to the cartridge heater.