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Ines stove pellets Painted Steel Eva Calor 15KW

Ines stove pellets Painted Steel Eva Calor 15KW

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Ines stove pellets Painted Steel Eva Calor 15KW

Versatile and powerful

The pellet stove Ines has a power of 15 kW, which guarantees a heat diff use even in larger rooms. It is very versatile because in addition to being available with top and rear exhaust is fitted with the operation BMS (Biomass Multi-Fuel System) through which you can feed the pellet stove not only using but also chopped solid biomass stemming from residues such as chopped peanut oil, the chopped hazelnut shells or crushed almonds. Also it features the DFCS system (Dynamic Flow Control System).

Burnt power (max / min): 15.4 / 5.20 kW
Capacity in heating (max / min): 13 / 4.6 kW
Return (max / min): 85 / 88.5%
CO value with 13% O2 (max / min): 0.012 / 0.039%
Hourly pellet consumption (max / min): 3,2 / 1,1 kg / h
Fuel tank capacity: 22 kg
Sized heated atmosphere: 240/320 mc
minimum distance from flammable walls: side: 30 cm
back side: 20 cm
front: 100 cm
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Electrical power rating: 340 W
Dimensions: L 46.6 x W 55.5 x H 115.9 cm
Weight: 119 Kg
Room cast iron
In compliance with: EN14785
15a B-VG
Ash tray: Removable for Ash recovery
Stove canalized double ventilation: Premium
Remote Control: Optional
safety mat: Optional

  • Aria canalizzata Si
  • Potenza Kw 14..18
  • Riscaldamento ad aria ventilata
  • Tipo di Combustibile Pellets