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Zelda stove pellets Eva Calor 9 kW

Silvia Stufa Pellet Maiolica Eva Calor 11KW

Zelda stove pellets Eva Calor 9 kW

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Zelda stove pellets Eva Calor 9 kW

Designed for the home

This pellet stove is a striking blend of design and technology. The fume outlet can be at top or rear. The ADSD (Air Di usion System Door) system passes air over the hottest parts of the stove – its door and wide front window – to absorb heat before exiting below the front panel and through the upper slots, heating the surroundings more rapidly and evenly.


This system can reduce the time required for the stove to achieve the desired ambient temperature. In stoves with the Air Diffusion System Door installed, an air current flows over the door and front window, absorbing heat and warming the surroundings after exiting through the bottom of the door and the upper slots. 


Total heat output (max/min)
Nominal heat output (max/min) 8kW / 2,5 kW
Efficiency (max/min): 85,5% / 90 %
CO emission at 13% O2 (max/min): 0,016% / 0,013 %
Pellet consumption (max/min): 1,8 Kg/h / 0,6 Kg/h
Reservoir capacity: 13,5 Kg
Heatable room volume: 140 / 200 mc
Minimum distances from flammable walls: side: 25 cm, back: 10 cm, front side: 100 cm
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input power: 320 W
Dimension: L 45,8 x P 53,8 x H 92,4
Weight: 84,6 Kg
Cast iron heating chamber: Cast iron
Complies with: EN14785, BlmSchV II, 15a B-VG, LRV/VKF
Sliding drawer for ash removal
Fume outlet: Top - Rear
GPRS module for switching on remotely: Optional
WIFI module for remote control: Optional
Remote control: Optional
Platforms for protection: Optional